We are online with our blog devoted to our regulars and to all those who will get in touch with us. The creation of a blog totally dedicated to our company is a way to be more closely to our customers, a direct opportunity to share information and useful tips.

L'Atelier del Dolce is also artisan ice cream parlors in Canosa di Puglia.

Being ice-cream artisans means for us to offer processes made without industrial products or chemical additives or hydrogenated fats.

On the contrary, it means carefully selecting the raw materials to be used by choosing guaranteed products and a controlled supply chain. For us, the genuineness and the healthiness of our ice creams are a source of pride; a specialty known by many customers who every day gratify us with their participation.

Among our specialties we recommend the ice cream with ricotta and toffee figs, cheesecake ice cream, trifle, and fresh seasonal fruit ice cream.

We use only seasonal fruit and, in order not to take away from anyone the pleasure of enjoying a quality product, we produce gluten-free and lactose-free delicacies.

On our website www.atelierdeldolce.it, you will find useful information about our activity, images of our location and useful addresses to reach us via email, phone or in-house. Enjoy your reading.