Canosa di Puglia gluten and lactose free sweets


Delicacies for every palate

L’Atelier del Dolce pays particular attention on the health of its customers. In fact, in addition to selecting the best raw materials, we also produce gluten-free and lactose-free desserts in Canosa di Puglia. Our goal is to allow people suffering from the most common food intolerances to taste our sweet and savory products without side effects. Healthy and genuine for the pleasure of quality pastry.
Dolci senza glutine e senza lattosio Canosa di Puglia
A passion born from afar
Quality production for us means allowing everyone to enjoy the delicacies baked in our laboratory.
The use of raw materials, carefully selected to prevent the unpleasant effects on the health of certain food diseases, in fact, does not alter the taste of our sweet and salty delicacies which are also suitable for those who follow a low-calorie diet.
Goodness for everyone
All our desserts are designed and made to satisfy the taste and approval not only of customers with particular food intolerances but also those who, without this kind of problem, still appreciate the lightness and the digestibility of gluten-free pastry. The typical goodness and the skill applied by our pastry can always assert itself.
To never give up anything
Thanks to a careful selection of raw materials, always fresh and of excellent quality, and non-artificial flavors and ingredients, our customers will be always able to find in our showcases handmade delights identical to traditional ones. They will never have to give up the small pleasures of the table and conviviality.