Canosa di Puglia majestic cakes


Quality products

L’Atelier del Dolce makes desserts for every event and occasion. In particular, we are specialized in the production of majestic cakes in Canosa di Puglia. We perform quality work to make special the most important moments of conviviality of our customers: weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, graduation parties and any other happy occasion. Our cakes can be customized on request, according to the taste and imagination of the customer.
Torte monumentali Canosa di Puglia
The laboratory of fantasy
We decorate your cakes with lots of patterns and colors, both in classic style with the sac à poche, or in a modern style with fondant or other decorations. We also produce scenographic cakes, decorated with structures made of pastillage. Thanks to these elements, we can realize majestic and very high cakes. The pastillage is essential to allow the structure to make a vertical sculptures.
Once dried, it is resistant, elastic and edible.
Torta con fiori
A grandiose freshness
All the monumental cakes proposed, just like all the other products we realize in our laboratory, are made with artisanal techniques and first choice ingredients, preferably of organic origin. We do not use ready or semi-finished products, nor do we use preservatives. On request and in line with the company philosophy, oriented to the well-being of our customers even with particular eating disorders, we also make gluten-free and lactose-free cakes.
Torta al cioccolato
A name chosen not by chance
Our creations are always different from one another. As meticulous and proudly jealous tailors of our knowledge, we make tailor-made cakes, personalizing them according to the passions, tastes and personality of the client. It is no coincidence that our bakery is called L'Atelier del Dolce: a company mission well represented by the trade name. We decorate cakes for any special occasion: anniversaries, launches, banquets and business company.